Sarah Michelle Gellar has said her home routine is ''organised and ritualistic''.

The 40-year-old actress has revealed she runs a tight ship at home with her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. and their two children Charlotte, eight, and Rocky, five, as they all know exactly what needs to be done around the house.

Speaking to 'Today' about her daily routine, the 'Cruel Intentions' actress said: ''Usually Freddie and I get up at around the same time. He takes the shower first and I start to get the milks and lunches ready. One of us goes down and makes breakfast. The other one helps with uniforms and getting everyone ready... Some mornings we do it together and some mornings we switch.

''If I'm home, I take the kids to school. I take Charlotte to the bus and I drive Rocky to school. If he goes with Freddie, they go to this cafe and get breakfast burritos. Our nighttimes are organised and ritualistic. No phones at the table. If there's emergency, call us on the house phone. No one calls us on the house phone. Freddie and Charlotte are reading 'Harry Potter'. Reading is always in there. We have 30 minutes of story time.''

Meanwhile, Sarah recently said her brood take after her, but joked that they only do so when they're good, as she blames their bad behaviour on their 41-year-old father.

She said: ''When they're good, they take after me. And when they're being naughty, they take after Freddie, obviously. Yeah, it's true.''

And its no wonder the family get together for meal times, as they all share a love of food and cooking.

Sarah - who released a cookbook entitled 'Stirring Up Fun with Food' earlier this year - said previously: ''I think for us, it's been a really great bonding. And I think, for my kids, it's been great to see, having an idea, starting from scratch, and actually making it into something tangible.

''[Freddie is] a culinary whiz! He's a chef. For me, it's about taking away the intimidation factor. I can't cook like him. I'm never gonna try. This is for people who - even from novice to expert, it's just creative ways to get your creative juices flowing.''