Sarah Michelle Gellar is cherishing her time shooting new movie The Grudge in Tokyo, because the city's residents have no idea who she is.

The 26-year-old actress has rediscovered how invigorating life is without the hassle of starstruck fans and intrusive photographers approaching her - and she's even taken to travelling on the subway to spark memories of her pre-fame existence.

She says, "It's like I went back eight years of my life. I feel like I'm everybody else, and it's amazing.

"The other night I was out with someone from the film and I put her in a cab and then thought, 'Well, it's still early, I'll use the subway.' It was 10:30pm on a Monday and I didn't have an early call.

"So I went to the station and there must have been 300 people there. I do stand out here - I'm American and a blonde - but no-one bothers me."

08/04/2004 02:32