Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar has acquired a taste for eating poisonous blowfish since working in Japan.

The Scooby Doo was already a fan of the nation's other specialties, such a sushi, before spending three months there to film her upcoming thriller THE GRUDGE, but was immensely impressed by the poisonous fish - which is illegal to eat in her native America.

She says, "I love Japanese food. They have this great fish market and you go down at like four in the morning and they cut open the fish and you just eat it right out of there.

"But my favourite was blowfish. It's completely poisonous so you have to slice it very, very carefully, but you wanna slice it just enough so you get a little bit of poison so that your mouth gets all tingly. It's delicious.

"It's so good I got a plate (but) it was a very little portion. So then I got a second plate of it. And then I was about to order my third plate when some of my castmates stopped me due to the fact that it's $85 a plate - to have poisonous fish!"

24/03/2004 17:37