Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar was left bewildered when she travelled to Japan to film remake The Grudge, because the only English the horror movie's director could speak was taken from Star Wars.

Gellar's first meetings with Takashi Shimizu, who also directed the original Japanese version of the film, JU-ON, took on a surreal twist when he started delivering lines from the 1977 sci-fi spectacular.

The first time Shimizu spoke to Gellar he said, "My lady, your destination is approaching."

Gellar says, "I thought he was maybe saying I looked familiar. It really was an education in communication for me."

But the pair soon found talking less traumatic than they had at first feared and, with the help of sign language, developed a reliable method of communication.

Gellar adds, "We used a translator in the beginning but by the end she joked that she was worried she was going to be fired."

The Grudge has been the number one film at the American box office for the last two weeks.

01/11/2004 13:42