Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is still in shock about the phenomenal box office success of her new movie The Grudge.

The movie, a remake of Japanese haunted house thriller JU-ON, doubled its expected takings over the weekend (22-24OCT04), taking in $40 million (GBP22.2 million) in its American debut. It also knocked hit cartoon Shark Tale from the number one slot after three weeks at the top.

An elated Gellar says, "Thank you everyone who went to see the movie.

"(Studio bosses) said to me on Friday night, 'It looks like 15 (million dollars).' And I said, 'Oh, for the weekend? That's good, right, you were hoping for something like that?' They said, 'No, for the night!' I'm telling you, I almost fell over!"

25/10/2004 21:15