Sarah Michelle Gellar fans hoping to catch the actress onscreen with husband Freddie Prinze Jr had better watch the latest Scooby Doo movie - because they've ruled out doing it again.

The pair teamed up for 2002's Scooby Doo and reprised their roles for follow-up movie SCOOBY DOO 2: MONSTER'S UNLEASHED, but Gellar insists it's the last time they'll be in a movie together.

She says, "I just don't think people wanna see couples onscreen. I don't think it's interesting. I don't think that it's something for the audience to wish for or to want for."

Some fans feel the move is a wise one, following the dreadful performance of former couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's summer (03) flop Gigli.

28/03/2004 21:04