MCLachlan provided the voiceover and her song Angel for the touching public service announcement, which first appeared in 2006 and it has become a staple for the animal charity, with bosses claiming the campaign has been a big hit.

But the singer herself switches channels if the ad appears because she hates seeing the images of the abused and neglected pets that pop up.

"I have to say it was brutal doing those ads," she tells Makers. "I can't watch them, it kills me."

But MCLachlan reveals she has gained a new fanbase thanks to her involvement with the ASPCA.

"I'd be at (retail store) Target in, like, Missouri at 10 o'clock at night, getting off the tour bus, and I'd be going down the aisle and these two old ladies go, 'Are you that dog lady?'" MCLachlan laughs.

ASPCA bosses claim MCLachlan's heartbreaking ad is responsible for raising over $30 million (£20 million) for the organisation - and makes potential owners think twice before taking in a dog or cat they can't look after.