Sarah Jessica Parker and Golden Globe winners Tina Fey and Mickey Rourke have been honoured for their missing moles and unconventional starry looks in a quirky new prizegiving.
The trio have been named winners of celebrity dermatologist Dr. Vail Reese's annual Skinnies, posted on his website.
Parker's apparent beauty spot removal has earned the actress the doctor's 2009 Missing Hollywood Landmark prize, while Fey picks up the Celeb Secret Revealed honour for revealing the truth behind her famous facial scar - she was attacked with a knife when she was a child.
And comeback king Rourke, who picked up a Best Actor Golden Globe for The Wrestler on Sunday (11Jan09), lands Dr. Reese's Least Likely Leading Man Skinny - thanks to his punchbag face, which bears the scars of his years in the boxing ring.
Singer Amy Winehouse, who battled a severe facial skin infection in 2009, is also named as a Skinnies winner, picking up the Skin-enemy: Staph Bacteria award.
The good skin doctor also rewards the cast of Twilight (Sunscreened Teens) and Brad Pitt's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Rarest Syndrome to Inspire a Hollywood Blockbuster: Progeria).