Sarah Jessica Parker is famed for her stunning looks - but even she feels pressured to have plastic surgery.

The 38-year-old SEX AND THE CITY star admits Hollywood's obsession with youth gets her down, because so many other actresses are altering their looks to stay young.

She fumes, "I've had no plastic surgery. I've had no Botox, no collagen, nothing, no. I have lines.

"If the rest of my peers weren't doing it, I wouldn't think about it. But it's a little hard to sit in a room with people who are younger and older than me and none of them have any lines.

"It's an epidemic. You go to an awards ceremony, or to the movies, or watch television and all you see is a mask.

"Women's foreheads, and now men's foreheads, do not move."

11/11/2003 02:14