Sarah Jessica Parker has come in for heavy criticism from the Supermodel blogger Emily Sandberg who claims the 'Sex and the City' star deserves little credit for her sense of style. Parker is often heralded as a forward-thinking fashionista but Sandberg claims her looks are the work of "a small army of people".
In one of her latest blog posts titled 'Sarah Jessica Parker - not a style icon", the supermodel blasts the actress for taking credit for her style when in reality it is the artistic directors who deserve the recognition, saying, "Not only is a celebrity last in a long chain of creative decisions.most of them don't even decide what goes on their bodies, Sarah Jessica Parker being one of them". The controversial blogger claims Parker's recent shoot for the cover of Vogue's 'Age Issue' was a fallacy, saying, "[she] is not the fashion icon Anna Wintour and all the other fashion business heads want you to believe". The model attributes Parker's success in the fashion world to the work of 'Sex and the City' costume designer Patricia Field, concluding her piece with, "How does she do it? She employs a small army of people".
Sarah Jessica Parker is set to star in the upcoming romantic-comedy 'I Don't Know How She Does It', about a finance executive who is the breadwinner for her husband and two children. The movie hits cinemas in the UK and US on 16th September 2011.