Sarah Jessica Parker dressed "like the Kennedys" when growing up despite coming from a poor family.

The 'Sex And The City' actress says although she has a humble background, her mother strived to dress her and siblings as well as she could by buying "flawed" dresses.

Sarah said: "For the early part of my life I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. We had no money. But we had this factory called Polly Slenders where my mother could go and get flawed dresses, so we were dressed like the Kennedys.

"That's how I started learning about clothes. I didn't have access to clothing the way I did over the course of my tenure over at 'Sex and the City', but I knew what was beautiful."

Sarah recently starred in a Vogue photo shoot and told how she was astounded how the magazine's editor Anna Wintour was able to secure a particular dress for the pictures.

Speaking at the shoot, she said: "There was a dress from the Dior show in Paris, and Anna pulled it - as only Anna can do - she said, 'I need this in New York City', and low and behold it arrived, it's one of those indescribable Galliano dresses."