Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't feel women are taken ''seriously'' enough.

The 'Sex and the City' star has opened about what it was like playing Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO TV series and two spin-off films and how the role impacted people's perception of her in real life.

She questioned: ''I'm not sure how seriously women are taken, period.

''It's not just the characters, it's - how mature are the conversations people want to have with an actor? There is an assumption not just about what you endow a male character to possess as a person or personality or traits or shortcomings that we can call and colour all sorts of different ways, but also an assumption about the person playing the part.''

The 53-year-old star feels like people had no idea how ''hard'' it was to portray such a ''deeply emotional'' person like Carrie, and admits it wasn't as ''fun'' as it looked.

Responding to her own question, she told The Daily Beast: ''I'm like, yeah, it was fun ... but it's also really hard! Like, that was an acting job.

''She was a deeply emotional person. She made tons of mistakes. She was raw and exposed.

''She was flawed. She was ridiculous. She was silly. She was funny, she was smart. She sobbed and you know, pulled herself across a threshold countless times to try to find a home.

''But people thought, you know, they didn't think it was work for me.

''I'm like, no, actually, look at all of it.

''Take your time and look at all of it!

''And then ask me if it was fun - or do you want to have a serious conversation about the fact that I'm an actor?''