Sarah Jessica Parker says television is an area of acting where females have a strong presence.

The 51-year-old actress - who is most famous for portraying Carrie Bradshaw in both the TV series and two spin-off movies of 'Sex and the City' - feels women tend to be offered more work for the small screen than in movies ''naturally'' and she believes there is not as much of a problem with gender equality working in television.

Interviewed by fellow actress Michelle Pfeiffer for Variety magazine, Sarah said: ''Television is doing better by some of those areas that were, I think, legitimately criticised for lack of diversity and gender. And television seems to -- not by force, but really naturally -- come to female directors and writers more.''

Michelle, 59, expressed her desire to land a role in TV as she agrees with Sarah's sentiment about the opportunities for females.

She replied: ''I would love to do something in television. Because at this stage in my life it actually fits really well, because I like the idea of just being in one place for a while ... I think there is a range of possibilities in television.''

Sarah - who has son James Wilkie, 14, and twin daughters Tabitha and Loretta, seven, with husband Matthew Broderick - also admitted that she never intended to go back into television work after 'Sex and the City'.

Asked by Michelle: ''So what was it about this that made you want to come back to television?''

She answered: ''When I finished 'Sex and the City' and then the movies, I assumed I wouldn't do television for a while ...''

However, she says she loves the routine of being a TV actress and getting to carry a characters journey through several episodes rather than just one feature film.

She added: ''I really love the medium ... I like the idea of living an alternate life to your own and telling a complete story about somebody.

''I love that television demands a sort of discipline. When you're producing, and I'm sort of bundling producing in with the acting -- because for me that is a part of the enormous joy and challenge and tears - I love how specific you have to be about every decision and how it all adds up so quickly.''