Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson have been drafted in as guests on the hit TV show Glee. As the major Us Tv networks announce their new schedules for the fall, Fox have revealed that they have plans in store for their beleaguered musical show. According to the Press Association, ratings for the show began to fall this year in the States but now, they say, the network is "poised for a creative renaissance."
Both Sarah and Kate are expected to join the show for short runs next season. One of the current stars of the show, Amber Riley, recently announced that she was bowing out of the series, as her character has reached the age of graduation. It's currently unclear which of the original characters will remain in the forthcoming season. Another of Fox's shows receiving a personnel shake-up, is the X Factor. Peter Rice, the network's entertainment chairman, refused to be pinned down on the subject of Britney Spears joining the show as a judge but he did reveal that there was a general consensus that the show needed changing.
"Not to be negative about the people leaving, but we just felt the mix could be more effective and more entertaining," said Rice. Its 'rival' show, American Idol also suffered with lower viewer ratings last year, having lost around a quarter of its viewers. "This year was a bigger drop-off than we anticipated," said Fox's Entertainment President Kevin Reilly, but added "There's a lot of life left in it."