Sarah Jessica Parker's daughters are obsessed with ballet.

The 'I Don't Know How She Does It' star - who has a 10-year-old son James Wilkie, and three-year-old twins Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta with her husband Matthew Broderick, 51 - says her daughters inspired her to produce a new documentary web series for AOL about young dancers in New York called 'City Ballet'.

She told ''My daughters love ballet. They dance all day long. They're going to start taking proper ballet classes next year. We go to the ballet, and they pretend they're ballerinas.''

While the 48-year-old actress is busying with the new show, she admits she would love to star as Carrie Bradshaw one more time in a third 'Sex and the City' movie because she believes there is one more story to tell about the character.

She said: ''I've been saying...there is one story left to tell. If it is, in fact, the right time and the right place, maybe we should tell it.

''It would be wonderful. It's fun to ponder.''

The last movie, 'Sex and the City 2', was not well received by critics.