Sarah Jessica Parker is ''nervous'' about launching her own shoe line.

The 'Sex and the City' star has teamed up with George Malkemus to create simple, single-soled, everyday pumps, flats, and sandals, but she admits she's worried her new venture won't take off.

She told ''I'm nervous. I'm nervous that George has invested so much time and effort and money into this project. Will it prove to be worth it? Will people respond to these shoes? I'm excited to have the opportunity, but I'm extremely nervous. I'm going to five cities to talk about the shoes, and this is what I will hear: ''Are you sure I can wear this to work?'' And I'll say, 'Why does this make you any less capable in the office than your black pump?' Who told us these things? No one's at fault, but it's a real adjustment to say to someone, 'Absolutely, you can wear that to your meeting. Absolutely, you can wear that to your parent-teacher conference or for a wedding.'''

The collection also features a selection of handbags, as well as a trench coat, which has been designed to emphasise accessories.

The footwear range will launch exclusively at US department store Nordstrom on February 28.

However, British fans can also buy online at