Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick think their marriage ''deserves effort''.

The couple - who have children James, 11, and twins Marion and Tabitha, four - have been wed for 16 years and the actress thinks the secret to their lengthy union lies in something Gwyneth Paltrow's late father Bruce once said.

Asked the secret to a happy marriage, she said: ''I'm almost scared to tell you but someone asked how he stayed married all these years and he said, 'We never wanted to get divorced at the same time.' Now everyone will think there was a period at which we did want to get divorced.

''But you stay married because you want to be there, despite everything. I don't know, it seems like it's just as deserving of effort as anything else is, certainly a career. I guess we both want to be in it.''

The former 'Sex and the City' actress also admitted she won't look herself up online because she hates the ''random cruelty'' of people's comments.

Speaking to Britain's Harper's Bazaar magazine:''I don't Google myself. Good God, no! I have absolutely no constitution for that. I'm curious about everything, except what people have to say about me. It's the random cruelty I really don't understand. It's not good for us. I don't know, you know, how we go back in time to a better place.''