The former Sex and the City revealed her elevator drama on Instagram in a video, which she took inside the elevator as engineers tried to force open the door from the outside.

The footage shows a hand poking through the elevator door and another holding a flashlight as the worker attempts to fix it and voices can be heard outside, and Sarah, who remains off-camera throughout, became narrator, explaining to fans what was happening.

"Currently stuck in an elevator for eleven minutes now," she says, moving the camera to show the panel, which indicates she is on the sixth floor and the time is 12:11. "Everybody's working hard. We're not panicked."

In another clip, she continues, "We remain stuck but we have food, water, charged phones. Excellent company. We've met new people, and we're very hopeful... But we do have to be someplace in about 45 minutes."

She gasped in hope and said, "Oh! Here we go again" as the hands disappeared and the door slotted back into place but she soon sounded disappointed when the flashlight reappeared in the door gap. She said, "Oh, no, no."

In the video caption, the 51-year-old wrote, "Enjoy.. Everyone so nice and helpful. X, sj."

It is thought the actress was in a New York City building at the time, but it isn't known how long she spent in the elevator before it was fixed.

She isn't the only star to have elevator drama. In September (16), Kendall and Kylie Jenner and their pals Hailey Baldwin and Jordyn Woods were stuck for 20 minutes in a New York elevator before they were rescued by firefighters.