Sarah Jessica Parker says she dresses for her age.

The 46-year-old actress insists she's a "realist" about how she looks and isn't worried about getting older.

The mother-of=three said: "I try to dress appropriately for my age and I'm a realist about what I look like. But if those physical things were my insecurities I'd be thrilled. What wonderful problems.

"My insecurities are more substantial than that. I worry first and foremost about my children and their health. My husband, and his. I worry about what work opportunities will come up. My own creative satisfaction. How will I pursue things and will the work be good?"

The 'Sex And The City' actress also said she doesn't feel the need to have Botox and is hoping the film industry is starting to look down on it.

She told Stella magazine: "There are women [in television and in Hollywood] who feel that Botox is necessary, but more and more I don't think it is important for the industry.

"People want to make movies that are successful, and sometimes they include women and sometimes they don't. I think it's less and less about exterior. At least I hope so."