SEX AND THE CITY star Sarah Jessica Parker's skimpy dress has been covered up in Israel, after the nation's ultra-Orthodox Jews were outraged by her billboards.

Photographs of Parker lying in a skin-revealing, spaghetti strap gown were pasted on billboards across Israel promoting LUX soap.

But ultra-Orthodox Jews took offence at the sight of Parker's arms, back, shoulders and thigh, leading one rabbi to contact the distributor and warn that if the offending posters were not removed the religious community would boycott the company's extensive product line.

Almost immediately, the Israeli branch of consumer product group UNILEVER removed the posters and replaced them with a more toned down version.

In the new posters, Parker is wearing modest long-sleeve gown.

A marketing manager for Unilever jokes, "We decided to make her dress more suitable for the winter weather."

24/11/2004 02:27