Sarah Jessica Parker is creating a bridal range with Gilt.

The 53-year-old actress and designer - who established her SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker footwear collection in 2014 - has partnered with the online shopping and lifestyle website to design 10 different dresses for brides to wear on their big day and she was inspired to create the range after being approached by women in her SJP stores who wanted unconventional styles for their weddings.

The collection will also feature 15 styles from the SJP shoe collection which were designed to complement the new line and create head-to-toe bridal looks which promises to cater to all budgets and styles.

Speaking to WWD, she said: ''We kept having these wonderful women of all ages and backgrounds and sizes and shapes, they kept telling us they were buying for their wedding and they were not buying what would be conventionally thought of as a bridal shoe. We recognised that there was this space where brides were looking for something that felt different, that suggested who they were. So we were encouraged to create a bridal collection within our collection, so in those deliveries we always have a bridal shoe.''

The dresses will include a mix of classic silhouettes and gowns as well as bodysuits, skirts and modern jumpsuits which will be available in a range of colours which stray outside of tradition because the 'Sex and the City' actress star wants people to be able to wear the pieces after their nuptials.

She said: ''The intent is they should be usable outside of that special occasion. Whether you're the person walking down the aisle, or you're attending, these are all pieces that should be relevant in your closet.

''There are some pieces that feel more decadent and more specifically bridal. There's no law saying they're not appropriate for many other important occasions as well.''