Sarah Jessica Parker has mapped out her son JAMES WILKE's life for him - including the name of his wife and how he'll spend his Friday nights. The former SEX + THE CITY star admits she's already struggling with thoughts about her young son growing up, falling in love and leaving home - but she plans to make sure he dines with her once a week. She says, "I've told him that whatever his wife, MARY, says, he will come home every Friday night to bring me dinner and, if I'm in any way physically impaired, he has to carry me up the stairs. "I'm gonna see him regardless of what he does in his life. I'd like to think that he's out on his own pursuing adulthood, but he will come home even if his wife says they have plans. "She's invited every other Friday." Parker also has thoughts about the names of her grandchildren JESSICA and MATTHEW JR (named after her husband Matthew Broderick).