Frugal actress Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband MATTHEW BRODERICK shop for bargains and hand-me-downs because they hate spending money they don't need to.

The SEX + THE CITY star and the actor, who has just signed on to become the richest man on Broadway, New York, in The Producers next year (04), shop in bargain stores and gladly accept hand-me-down clothes for their baby son James.

Parker insists she's nothing like her high-living Sex + The City character in real life - and goes out of her way to save cash.

She reveals, "I'm extremely happy to have a nephew who's a year older than James, so there's enormous amounts of hand-me-downs which suits my particular personality very well.

"I'm not so cheap that I don't buy him clothes, but who knows when the money will stop? It's a window that's closing as a working actress.

"I shop in TARGET, anywhere where I can buy in bulk. I buy toilet paper and diapers - things like that."

13/08/2003 20:54