Actress Sarah Jessica Parker's son JAMES WILKE has become such a huge fan of ELLEN DeGENERES, he wants to be named after the comedienne.

The articulate three-year-old recently caught a glimpse of DeGeneres's popular US chat show, and he's since become one of her hugest fans.

Parker says, "My son heard that the show was on in the morning, as is often the case in our home, and I was probably sleeping, as is often the case in our home, and he heard music. So he ran in and (Ellen) started speaking to somebody.

"He said, Who is that lady with the blonde hair?' I said, 'That's Ellen.' And he said, 'I would like to be Ellen from now on! I would like to be called Ellen. I like her.' I was like, 'Get in line, chief, get in line!'"