Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's three-year-old son James has become such a huge fan of THE Beatles, he insists on the whole family dressing like the British legends.

Parker, who served as a fashion icon to millions of women during the run of her TV show Sex And The City, admits her style has drawn inspiration from decades past - thanks to her son.

She says, "He is obsessed with The Beatles, so he wants all of us to dress like The Beatles during the Yellow Submarine era - collars with flowers, really weird haircuts and bell-bottoms.

"And he'll only wear bell-bottoms, which are not easy to find. The only way we could get him out of pyjamas was to tell him he could dress like a Beatle!

"My son has some strong feelings about what I should and shouldn't be wearing. James is like, 'Take that dress off, I don't like it.' Or, 'I'd like you to wear long pants today.' So I dress in a way that makes him happy, because he basically is the centre of our lives."