Actress Sarah Jessica Parker was thrilled to work with her latest co-star, Matthew Mcconaughey, because he is so good looking in person. The pair teamed up to shoot the romantic comedy FAILURE TO LAUNCH and shortly after filming wrapped, the actor was named Sexiest Man Alive by US celebrity magazine People. Parker says, "I didn't need a magazine to tell me that (he was the sexiest man alive)!" "He's really easy, breezy. He's a real Texan. He's definitely easy on the eyes. "Every time I had to kiss him or fondle him or objectify him or put my hand in his shirt, I just kept telling him, 'I'm just doing it for America.' "Sometimes I would be like, 'C'mon Matthew just (undo) one more button. Do it for America, give America what they want!' "(Shooting the movie) was a very pleasant experience!"