Former SEX AND THE CITY star Sarah Jessica Parker is still devastated that a big screen version of the hit show probably won't be made, because in would have been "incredible".

All of the key actors were in place for the big screen version, except one - actress Kim Cattrall, who played man-eater Samantha Jones.

Parker explains, "Everything was there, the script was there, the budget, three of us really wanted to do it.

"The sets were literally thrown away in a dumpster. Everything is gone.

"MICHAEL PATRICK KING's script was incredible...a lush, big, whimsical romantic comedy.

"I mean big shots, 5th Avenue, wedding gowns, everything you want to see. Tension, conflict...There were two weddings in it, that's all I'm going to say!"

The Family Stone actress believes the window of opportunity has passed and that the film will never be made, according to website

She adds, "I don't think the momentum is there to revisit it now. (The chances are) incredibly unlikely."