Actress Sarah Jessica Parker was shocked when her three-year-old son asked to see Brokeback Mountain, but feared she would send the wrong message if she refused. The former SEX AND THE CITY star allows JAMES WILKE to watch part of a movie or TV show before he goes to be at night if he behaves during the day. She explains, " He said, 'Mama I've been hearing a lot about a movie lately.' I said, 'What movie?' and he said 'Brokeback Mountain. I've heard it's about two cowboys. I would like to watch it tonight.' "I didn't want to deny him, because I didn't want to set up some idea about what's bad, because of the subject matter. "We live in New York City, we live in the West Village. So we found an 18 minute segment he could watch. "The next day he hugged his nanny and he wouldn't let go and he said, 'That is like the two cowboys in Brokeback Mountain!'"