Sarah Jessica Parker has taken a subtle swipe at fellow fashionista Gwen Stefani as she gets set to launch her own clothing line, Bitten. The Sex + The City star admits she isn't a big fan of Stefani's L.A.M.B. clothing collections, insisting items are too "high fashion." Speaking in the upcoming Glamour magazine, the actress calls Stefani's designs "much more avant-garde" than her own, adding, "I don't want to do that for women, because that's not their lives." She also doesn't approve of the high cost of L.A.M.B. fashions. She says of her Bitten items, "You're going to be able to buy $200 worth of clothes, leave that store with six bags and be able to pay your utilities and take your kids some place special fortheir birthday." Parker tells the magazine she knows just what it's like trying to raise kids on very little money: "I got all of my oldest sister's hand-me-downs. And by the time I inherited them, they were really out of fashion."