Sarah Jessica Parker was ashamed of her family as a young girl because they were so "radically different" and often struggled to make ends meet. The former SEX AND THE CITY star admits the worst part of her impoverished upbringing was not a lack of material goods, but her parents' emotional instability. She says, "A big part of not having money as a kid isn't that you haven't the stuff you want. It isn't being without heat, or the phone and electric company sending cut-off notices. It's lying in bed late at night worrying. You feel ashamed that your family is so radically different. "Other families had stable lives and nice homes they could invite their friends to visit. Those things didn't happen in our family. So it was a little bit like embarrassment on top of embarrassment. "But the worst is that, even more than food and shelter, you worried about your parents' anxiety, which was palpable in the house."