SEX AND THE CITY star Sarah Jessica Parker was angry when Victoria Beckham emerged with a perfect figure just weeks after giving birth, because it portrayed an unattainable body image for new mothers.

The former SPICE GIRL sparked controversy when she appeared with a slender frame after each of her three sons - ROMEO, BROOKLYN and CRUZ - were delivered by caesarean section.

But the 40-year-old American actress - who gave birth to her son JAMES WILKE three years ago - insists mothers should ignore the singer's bad example and instead strive to maintain a healthy body weight after pregnancy.

Parker says, "There's all this emphasis on losing weight after you have a baby. Look at Posh Spice or whoever. But that life is not what's real.

"Luckily my doctor told me, 'You have to eat well and keep your weight on if you're going to nurse that baby. That's what's important. And if you have an issue with weight and you need to lose it, then we'll deal with that then.'"