Actress Sarah Jessica Parker wants to get re-married to husband MATTHEW BRODERICK - so she can finally wear white on her wedding day.

The SEX AND THE CITY star dressed in black for her original nuptials to THE PRODUCERS star in 1997, but now wishes she hadn't made such a controversial choice.

Sarah says, "I begged Matthew recently, 'Please, let's renew our vows so I can wear a pretty white gown.'

"See, he (in 1997) made a joke. 'I hope you're not going to get married in white,' he said. And I took him seriously. I never bothered to check! And I was embarrassed to be in white. It called so much attention to itself and I didn't want everyone looking at me.

"But you shouldn't try to disappear on your wedding day."

12/11/2003 17:36