Sarah Jessica Parker is so used to her husband Matthew Broderick not being around, it often feels like there's an "interloper" in their home whenever he's not working.

The former SEX AND THE CITY star spends a lot of time at home with the couple's three-year-old son JAMES WILKE, while Broderick works nights in the theatre production of THE ODD COUPLE.

And the actress admits that it takes some getting used to when Broderick isn't at work.

She says, "Both myself and my son are more accustomed to having him gone in the evenings, so when he's actually home and he's not working in the theatre, it's honestly more of an adjustment to actually have him in the house interrupting our (routine).

"When you travel, if you're part of a couple, you adapt to the absence. And then there's like an interloper in the house, all of a sudden. It's his home and he pays a good portion of the shelter and we like him so much, but it is an adjustment. He knows how beloved he is in our home."