SEX AND THE CITY star Sarah Jessica Parker has opted to dress a lot less sexy since becoming a mother 10 months ago.

The screen beauty and her husband Matthew Broderick welcomed their son JAMES WILKE into the world in October (02). But their baby's arrival means the departure of Parker's racy wardrobe.

She says, "I would never dress the way I dressed two years ago. I wouldn't even feel comfortable dressing the way I dressed a year ago. Because I don't physically feel like I'm in the kind of shape that warrants wearing a particular dress or skirt. I don't feel that I'm... you know... worthy... of certain things."

Parker, 38, adds, "A mother shouldn't run around town in lowslung jeans. I know we live in America and the TALIBAN aren't running this country, so the young mother or the old mother, if she wants to wear low-slung jeans, that is her right.

"I'll fight to the death to protect her right to wear those low-slung jeans. For me? It's not right. It hasn't suited me for quite a while. I still want to feel like somebody would think I looked sexy or attractive. But I think it's a combination for women when they've had a baby; how they feel, how they want to feel, the truth."

19/08/2003 09:07