Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has banned crying on the set of the final season of SEX AND THE CITY - because she's fed up of co-star Kim Cattrall's constant sobbing.

Sources on the New York set of the raunchy TV comedy say that while Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis are upset about their hit show coming to an end, Cattrall's distress has caused the most concern.

A source says, "Kim is usually the toughest of all the gals, but she's been getting teary every day. Everyone is feeling blue that the show is finally nearing the end, but Kim has been taking it the hardest.

"It's hard to get into a scene when someone is sniffling next to you. It's aggravating for Sarah Jessica, whose mission is to get on with the show."

According to reports, Cattrall's breakdowns have mostly been due to her attachment to her man-eating character Samantha Jones.

The source continues, "At the end of one scene, Kim was holding a champagne glass and said, 'This is the last time I'll be holding this glass.' Just touching the bedding in Samantha's apartment gets Kim sad and teary-eyed."

06/11/2003 09:49