Sarah Hyland is glad her character on 'Vampire Academy' is the antithesis to her 'Modern Family' role.

The 23-year-old star takes on the role of a geeky bookworm in the new film - a world apart from the superficial Haley she portrays on her other show - and she was glad she had the opportunity to branch out.

She told People magazine: ''Natalie is the anti-Haley. I had to wear glasses and they put pimples on me and frizzy hair. I'd look in the mirror and go, 'Oh my God!' It humbled me.''

Sarah claims her own personality is a little closer to 'Modern Family's' Alex, her sister in the show, played by Ariel Winter.

She added: ''I'm social like [Haley], but I don't do my hair every day - in fact I can't do my hair at all. I'm not very good with make-up. And I love education and knowledge and reading. Ariel Winter and I joke that we should play each other's characters.''