Sarah Hyland has admitted her skin is covered in hives ahead of the Golden Globe Awards tonight (13.01.13).

The 'Modern Family' star - who is nominated along with the rest of her castmates in the Best TV Comedy or Musical category at the star-studded event in the Beverly Hilton Hotel - admitted she is extremely irritated after waking up to find her face covered in blotches ahead of the prestigious annual ceremony.

The 22-year-old brunette beauty shared her misery on Twitter, writing: ''Don't you love it when you wake up with hives all over your face? #morningoftheglobes''

The petite actress soon recovered from her upsetting discovery after tucking into a plate of waffles for breakfast but later admitted she feared her gown might be too tight because she gained weight recently.

She posted a message, saying: ''In the car on my way to the @goldenglobes! I'm not sure I can breath. #notnervous #holidayweightgain''

The young starlet is set to hit the red carpet with the rest of her castmates, including Sofia Vergara, who also admitted she is terrified of suffering another wardrobe malfunction after her breasts were recently exposed in a nightclub, just months after her dress ripped revealing her underwear at the Emmys last September.

The 40-year-old actress - who is nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a TV series - said: ''It's very easy [for a dress to rip] because you get out of the car, you go up, you try to go to the restroom. When you're on the red carpet, a lot of people step on your dress and pull it.

''After awhile, that's what causes the stitches to get loose because usually you have those long gowns. You can never really control it, but you just hope for the best.''