Sarah Hyland says working with Rebel Wilson and Chris Colfer was an ''amazing experience''.

The 'Modern Family' star has just finished shooting new comedy movie 'Struck by Lightning' alongside the 'Bridesmaid' actress and 'Glee' actor and she admits it was hard work as she wanted to laugh all the time because they're so funny.

She said: ''It was an amazing experience - Rebel is one of the funniest human beings I have ever met. Out of all the amazing comedic actors I have worked with over my career, Rebel was the hardest person to work with purely because you couldn't keep a straight face.''

''And then there's Chris Colfer, who is not only an amazing person but one of the most well rounded talented people, if not the most, in young Hollywood. I love to see how his brain works.''

Sarah, 22, is known for playing glamorous teen Hayley Dunphy in 'Modern Family' but she admits she is more laid-back with her look in real-life.

She told Glamaholic magazine: ''I would say at times I am a Glamaholic. But I am definitely more laid back than glamorous. I think it takes a lot of effort and sometimes I just want to be in jeans.''