Sarah Hyland relies on her style to flaunt her ''confidence''.

The 26-year-old actress has admitted wearing certain garments helps her to feel empowered, and she will experiment with her wardrobe choices to put her in a positive mindset and to make her feel she can do ''anything''.

Speaking about her style and the impact her outfits have on her to PEOPLE, the 'Modern Family' star said: ''Fashion for me is one of the ways that I show off my confidence. I feel like I like to play with fashion and it puts me in the mindset. As soon as I get dressed for the day I feel like I can do anything.''

The New York-born star has created her third clothing line for Candie's, which will launch in Kohl's this year, and the star has described the range as a ''really fun collection'' that is appropriate for the ''everyday woman'' to wear for all occasions.

Speaking about her latest venture, she said: ''It's a really fun collection that you are able to wear whether you're going back to school, back to work or off to college. It's for the everyday woman.''

Sarah puts her ''personal style'' into the designs during the creative process, and she has admitted the colour palette for the upcoming capsule reflects her wardrobe preferences.

She said: ''I like to put a lot of my personal style into the design. The colour palette for the fall season is very much my style, like the cranberry reds, the olive greens, the rose gold and the dusty gold.

''The prints and patterns are very much my style.

''I've always loved plaid and you can really match it with anything.''

And Sarah is ''really excited'' for the big unveil and to see customers sporting her creations.

She added: ''I'm really excited for people to see it.''