Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams didn't have a ''physical'' relationship when they first got together.

The couple had their first date in September 2017, just two days before the 'Modern Family' actress had her second kidney transplant and she thinks her problems made their romance ''serious'' very quickly because they bonded on an ''emotional and intellectual'' level first.

She told People magazine: ''I had all these health issues at the very beginning of our relationship. We had two dates before the surgery, and then I was just on massive amounts of painkillers in the hospital, FaceTiming him all hours of the day and night.

''He still liked me after that somehow. So it definitely brought us closer together and forced us to have a relationship that was very serious from the start

''It was completely not normal, because we were not allowed to do certain things for a while.

''Health wise, [because of] the surgery, can't really do it. We weren't able to have that physical part of the relationship like you normally have in the beginning, so that bonded us on an emotional and intellectual level much faster

''We actually became an official couple before we were even that physical. That just goes to show what kind of relationship we do have.''

The couple got engaged in July but it came as no real surprise as the 29-year-old actress thinks she and Wells are ''so similar'', they feel like they were connected in a past life.

She said: ''We liked to joke when we first started dating that Wells and I are the same person with different genitalia.

''We're so similar that it felt like meeting a kindred soul from a past life.''