Sarah Harding has electric facials to stop her from getting spots.

The Girls Aloud singer keeps her complexion blemish-free with a special beauty treatment from cosmetic company Guinot which uses an electrical current to treat your skin.

She said: "The Guinot facials are amazing. They do an amazing Micro-Derm facial that has this electrical current that runs through your skin. It's magnetic and makes this buzzing noise. It really helps with your spots and balances out your skin."

The 29-year-old star doesn't only pamper her face, she also uses hot stones to keep her body looking great.

She added: "I also love a good massage - especially with hot stones. I love everything about spas and spending days getting pampered."

Sarah - who is engaged to DJ Tom Crane - is taking her beauty regime more seriously the older she gets because she wants to stay looking young.

She said: "I've started looking after myself a bit more than I used to. I'm getting regular facials and massages, trying to eat well - that sort of thing . When you're in the public eye you're always going to scrutinise yourself. You want to look a certain way and try to maintain that and it's difficult."