Sarah Harding wants to be able to "crack nuts" with her butt.

The Girls Aloud star - who recently confessed to having fillers in her lips last year - thinks she could be "slimmer" and often has days when she wants to "run away" because her skin does not look how she wants it to.

She said: "I could definitely be slimmer, but I'm working on it with my trainer. I want to crack nuts with my ass!

"Do I have ugly days? All the time. I have breakouts, or days when I'm pictured with a double chin. I just think, 'Urgh, I want to run away and hide.' "

Discussing her looks, the 29-year-old beauty - who is preparing to wed DJ Tom Crane - admits she has become more "insecure" about herself as she has gotten older.

She told more magazine: "Obviously, I'm getting older now and that is an insecurity, but I just have a lot more facials than I used to.

"I'd never say never, but I think people can take surgery too far, although it's not fair to judge."