Sarah Harding won't take solo career advice from Girls Aloud.

The 32-year-old singer has revealed she is so strong-willed that she is unlikely to listen to musical tips from her former bandmates Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts, who have all released solo albums in the past.

She explained to the latest issue of new! magazine: ''They've all done solo work but there's nothing they can say. I don't take advice - I'm not good at listening. I just learn my own way. I've always been stubborn.''

The 'Promise' hitmaker says her solo music is more mature than the pop records she performed with Girls Aloud.

She teased of her new music: ''It's a bit more grown-up. I've co-written quite a bit of it and a lot of the songs reflect who I am as a person. I can connect with them.''

However, Sarah admits she has butterflies about putting her own music out there as she it is so personal.

She added: ''I'm really excited, but nervous too. I'll be putting my soul out there for everyone to see.''