British pop star Sarah Harding has urged fans to learn from her mistakes and avoid using cell phones while driving after she was banned from the roads for six months.

The former Girls Aloud singer was handed the punishment on Tuesday (16Apr13) after pleading guilty to a charge of using a mobile device while behind the wheel stemming from her arrest in London earlier this month (Apr13).

Harding has now spoken out about her driving conviction and warned others not to make the same mistake.

Speaking after the case, Harding says, "Too many people use their mobile phone whilst driving and think it's acceptable. It is not. Every year people die or are seriously injured because they were distracted making that 'oh so important call'. Mobile phones are a convenient tool for modern life but they must be used safely.

"I made a mistake by using my phone whilst driving, but I was lucky. I accept the court's penalty but it could have been a lot worse. I have learned my lesson."