Sarah Harding has ruled out undergoing cosmetic procedures again.

The 'Girls Aloud' singer admits she made a "huge mistake" when she had lip fillers injected earlier this year and was "embarrassed" by how her appearance was altered.

She told Heat magazine: "I won't have any more surgery. I experimented with my looks and it was a huge mistake. It's embarrassing what I did to my face."

Sarah, 29, claims that she now feels much more confident about her looks since the disastrous procedure and though getting older is "scary" she will just "deal" with the way her appearance changes naturally.

She added: "I'm definitely happier with the way I look now. Of course I worry about getting older - it's scary - but you just have to deal with it."

The blonde beauty recently admitted she has started taking better care of herself now she is getting older.

She said: "I've started looking after myself a bit more than I used to. I'm getting regular facials and massages, trying to eat well - that sort of thing. When you're in the public eye you're always going to scrutinise yourself. You want to look a certain way and try to maintain that and it's difficult."

Although Sarah is known for her trim figure, she is also working hard with a personal trainer ahead of her wedding to DJ Tom Crane, 31.

She said recently: "I'm getting there. I'm working out with an amazing trainer and feel so strong and healthy at the moment."