British singer Sarah Harding is making plans to move to a warmer climate in a bid to find "real happiness".

The former Girls Aloud star, who checked into rehab in 2011 to be treated for an addiction to sleeping pills and alcohol, is hoping to start a new life away from her native Britain.

The former Girls Aloud star originally took to on Monday (30Dec13) to clear up recent U.K. tabloid reports suggesting she was trying to emulate Angelina Jolie's career before going on to reveal her plans to emigrate.

She writes, "Fyi (for your information) I don't want Angelina's career as yet again 'wrongly' stated... I would simply be honoured to sport a role she has had the sex appeal, charisma, strength of heart and spirit to take on...

"So before u (sic) tiny minds start to judge, no, Ima (I am) not drunk but those who seem to know best u (sic) will already know I'm struggling to sleep and all I can't get outta (out of) my mind right now is emigrating. A new start. Sun. Sea. Health. Family. New adventure and finally real happiness. Think that's my f**king point made finally."