Sarah Harding's decision to spark up a romance with Chad Johnson in 'Celebrity Big Brother' was not ''taken lightly''.

The Girls Aloud band member was in a secret relationship with Aaron Lacey before she took part in the Channel 5 show, which she won, and although she felt her partnership with the plasterer ''wasn't very serious'' she knew she needed to take ''very careful consideration'' before getting intimate with her American housemate.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, the blonde-haired beauty said: ''At the end of the day I was in a very brief relationship before I went into the house.

''It was a matter of weeks, so it wasn't very serious. Every day in the house is like a week and Chad became a good friend to me and we got close.

''It felt like we'd known each other for six months, so I had to weigh up the options.

''And you can't compare what me and Chad had to dating someone briefly.

''It was a very careful consideration. It was a long process. It wasn't taken lightly...I'm not that kind of person.''

And the 'Sound of the Underground' hitmaker believes she was put in a ''very unfortunate situation'' having to choose between enjoying her quality time with the 30-year-old reality star and ending her relationship with Aaron publicly or waiting until she exited the show before calling time on her romance with her previous partner.

She added: ''I was in a very unfortunate situation where I wasn't in a position to deal with it properly.''

But the 35-year-old star doesn't regret her actions during her time in the infamous Elstree abode because she believes she has a ''future'' with Chad.

She said: ''I never regret. I don't like to look back on my life and have regrets. I don't look back in hindsight. It's too late.

''In life the only thing you can do is learn from your mistakes and maybe next time approach it differently.

''We were like a married couple in there. He [Chad] is someone I see myself having a future with''.