Sarah Harding feels London is too ''fast-paced'' for her.

The Girls Aloud singer grew up in both Staines, Surrey, and Stockport in Greater Manchester and although she loves the excitement of the capital, Sarah always finds herself drawn back to the tranquil atmosphere of the countryside when she wants to ''chill out''.

Speaking on British TV show 'This Morning' Sarah - who currently resides in Buckinghamshire - said: ''I love [London], I really do love it. Don't get me wrong I love to be in London, I moved back to London for a little while.

''But it's too fast-paced for me - I like to go home, just sort of chill out and put the fire on. I've tweeted so many pictures of my dog it's ridiculous!''

Sarah, 31, has fully embraced the country way of life and she is even has her own vegetable patch.

She added: ''Yeah I do [have a vegetable patch]. I don't know what's happened to me!''

The blonde beauty can soon be soon in her first lead role on the big screen in 'Run For Your Wife', alongside Danny Dyer and Denise Van Outen.

Although she now has a handful of movie credits under her belt she insists she isn't abandoning her music career with Girls Aloud - who are to begin their 'Ten - The Hits' reunion tour later this month - because music is in her ''blood''.

She explained: ''Everyone seems to think that I want to take off and be an actress and everything else. I love to act, but I love my music. I'm always going to love my music ... You know, it's in my blood.''