Sarah Harding's future husband accepts her "warts and all".

The Girls Aloud star - who became engaged to DJ Tom Crane on New Year's Eve 2010 while she was on holiday in the Maldives - knows he is "the one" because she never worries about how she looks when she wakes up.

She said: "I think you just know, when you can be yourself in every single way.

"When you can wake up first thing in the morning and not care what you look like, because you know he accepts you warts and all."

However, the 29-year-old singer-and-actress admits the pair often argue - but believes it's healthy.

She told Britain's more! magazine: "We're a very feisty couple, we're both very opinionated. But arguing is normal. I think if you didn't argue, it'd cause problems long-term.

"I knew Tom as a friend before we got together, so we had the foundation for the perfect relationship.

"I've only had three long-term boyfriends. I think I scared off a few men, as I could be needy."