Sarah Harding has a new boyfriend.

The Girls Aloud singer is reportedly dating DJ Mark One and was spotted in a romantic clinch with him at the Brownstock Festival on Morris Farm in Essex over the weekend.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''It's still early days but Mark is right up Sarah's street - he's cheeky, good-looking and talented.

''He's also, fairly obviously, massively into his music. He is really well connected and has a lot of celeb mates. Sarah is in a great place and ready for a relationship.''

Although Sarah's niece accompanied the pair to the event, they only had eyes for each other with the singer only tearing herself away from the DJ to sign autographs.

An onlooker said: ''They were all over each other. Mark looked like the cat that got the cream.''

Sarah - who spent time in rehab last year - recently revealed she has ''finally let go'' of her relationship with ex-fiance Tom Crane and now thinks of him as more of a ''brother'' than potential boyfriend material.

She said: ''Tom and I do speak - we're civil - and his family still consider me part of them, which means a lot to me. But as much as I care about him, I look back and I can see that we weren't compatible. There was a time, a little while after we split, when I would have loved to have got back with him because it was painful, it really was.

''But I feel now that I am at that point where I've finally let go. Now I think of Tom more like a brother.''